Dorina Diaconu and Elena Nistor, the transfer of knowledge and the art of mentoring

Posted at 01 October 2019, hour 14 25

Nothing from the experience of the refiners is lost, but everything is passed on from generation to generation. Dorina Diaconu and Elena Nistor are the perfect example of what knowledge transfer means.

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Enache Dina, the electroenergetic engineer under the eyes of which the refinery developed

Posted at 01 October 2019, hour 14 15

Enache Dina, coordinator Procurement, head of the Utility Department is the person who has dealt with everything which means power supply of the huge petrochemical plant.

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Alexandru Nicolcioiu: The story of those who founded the refinery

Posted at 01 October 2019, hour 13 50

Alexandru Nicolcioiu is the key person within the Refinery, who can boast of having lived close to Petromidia since this refinery was at the stage of an idea.

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The Cioară family, three generations in the service of the Refinery

Posted at 01 October 2019, hour 13 25

Highly upgraded as it is at present, Petromidia Refinery is far from that bunch of plants and installations since its inception, since the 80’s, Tudorel Cioară relates. Control is computerized and centralized, the safety measures are excellent.

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Petromidia, record after record

Posted at 25 July 2019, hour 12 11

The Petromidia refinery has reached four decades of activity, and the story of the seafront platform highlights the turbulent history of the Romanian refining sector.

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Alexandru Nicolcioiu: Petromidia was thought to be an integrated part of a national system

Posted at 25 July 2019, hour 12 08

"The success of the Petromidia platform is also linked to the name of Alexandru Nicolcioiu, who served as the director of the refinery from 1979 to 2007."

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Yedil Utekov: Petromidia has become one of the most modern refineries in South East Europe

Posted at 25 July 2019, hour 12 07

"We want to further develop the Petromidia platform. Even though KMG has invested massive amounts so far, we do not want to stop – Forbes, 9th of July"

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Rodica Brăiescu: The refining industry has gone through a process of continuous reinvention

Posted at 25 July 2019, hour 12 05

,,I chose the profession of engineer-technologist, as I was captivated by the complexity of the oil refining process, by the diversity and flows in a refinery."

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Laurenţia Ţiclete: A future petroleum professional must be open to the new

Posted at 25 July 2019, hour 12 02

“Petromidia is the Place I Call Home. Here Is Where I Spent a Good Part of My Life!”

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Dorina Diaconu: We are suppliers of utilities for all refinery and petrochemical facilities

Posted at 25 July 2019, hour 11 58

“We Are a Team Driven by the Same Objectives. Communication is Also Very Important”

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