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Laurenţia Ţiclete: A future petroleum professional must be open to the new

“Petromidia is the Place I Call Home. Here Is Where I Spent a Good Part of My Life!”

Laurenţia Ţiclete, Human Resources Specialist, gave an interview to the ZIUA de Constanta newspaper, in which she spoke about her work in the company, about the internship projects she is coordinating and about the qualities that a person working in the petroleum field must have.

I: Tell us about your activity at Petromidia! When did you start working in this sector and what caused you to make this choice?

LT: It was September 1978, an autumn day in which the sun was shyly caressing the earth and the wind was blowing softly. That's when I said goodbye to my last vacation, and, with the conviction that autumn is a season full of colours, charm and changes, I set off early in the morning, to my future work place – the Midia Petrochemical Platform - carrying the “job appointment” paper, with optimism and enthusiasm in my soul. Setting off early in the morning to the same work place became a habit that lasted for 41 years.

I: What was your evolution in the company? I'm referring here to the positions you have held over the years.

LT: The first step was that of Junior Chemist Operator, working in the Petroleum Finished Mixtures and Dispatch Unit, then I graduated from the Faculty of Petroleum Processing and Petrochemistry, I continued my activity in the toxicological determination laboratory where I was in charge of testing. Afterwards, in 1984, I changed my professional path and started working in the Human Resources Department, the Training Section. In this department I was responsible for organizing and coordinating the practical training of pupils and students, as well as of the multiple qualification courses for the refinery employees.

I: What does Petromidia mean to you? If you were a young college graduate now, would you choose the same career?

LT: In 2007 I was promoted as Human Resources Manager for Rompetrol Quality Control SRL - an entity of the KMG International Group but I returned to Rompetrol Rafinare SA. Petromidia is the place I call home! That’s because I spent a good part of my life here, with ups and downs, together with people to whom I am grateful for their skills and abnegation. If I were a fresh graduate now, I would choose to live this story again, with its challenges and lessons of life that formed and matured me.

I: Currently, you are in charge of the internship programs. When did this program begin and what does it consist of?

LT: Currently, I am part of the HR team that organizes and coordinates internship programs. This program started in 2001, has become a tradition and I can proudly say that we were the first in Romania to have developed this modern program of workforce selection and recruitment.

I: How many young people have been included in internship programs? How well do these young people understand the difference between theory and practice?

LT: During these years, we had over 1,000 participants to this project. The program provides the opportunity for participants to gain knowledge about the industry we are involved in, to implement the theoretical knowledge acquired during school, to improve their technical knowledge by engaging in activities specific to the departments in which they are assigned, as well as to interact directly with professionals in the field; all these activities help the participants increase their employment potential.

I: What is an internship program helpful for? And why do you recommend it to young people?

LT: This program should be seen by both sides as a great opportunity. The participants are given the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and the organizers have the opportunity of creating a talent pool.

I: What are the qualities that a future petroleum professional must have?

LT: A future petroleum professional must be open to the new, must be energetically involved and self-confident.

I: A message for Petromidia at the age of 40!

LT: I am grateful to all my colleagues from whom I learned something, I wish them good health and fulfilment, as well as much inspiration to carry the story of Petromidia further!


Source of the interview: Ziua de Constanţa