Posted at 5/29/24, 6:00 PM Press releases

State-of-the-art reactors installed at the Petromidia refinery

Rompetrol Rafinare, member company of the KMG International Group (Rompetrol), introduced two modern reactors into the operational flow of the Petromidia refinery, part of the Middle Distillate Hydrotreating (HDV) unit, which will reach optimal operational parameters in the shortest time possible.

The investment of about 16 million dollars, implemented as part of the recently completed general turnaround, will lead to increased amounts of loaded catalyst. The integration of the reactors into production was marked in the presence of the Romanian Government representative – State Councilor Florin Spătaru and His Excellency, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Romania, Yerlik Ali, who conducted an official visit today, on the Petromidia platform.

This special equipment is designed and executed for operation at considerable temperatures and pressures, in an environment with the presence of hydrogen.

The two reactors, which measure approximately 33 meters in height and weight approximately 285 tons each, were manufactured in Romania by the Comes company and the installation in the operational flow was carried out by Industrial Montaj.

The role of HDV is the processing / hydrotreating of diesel mixtures resulting from the technological processes of other facilities in the operational flow, in order to eliminate sulfur compounds and, implicitly, obtain EURO 5 components for the final production of diesel.

Changing the reactors is one of the most important projects implemented during the turnaround. In total, around 85 million dollars were invested in the modernization projects of the Petromidia refinery, the largest profile unit in the country.

In the first three months of 2024, the Petromidia refinery processed 943 thousand tons of raw materials, mostly crude oil of Kazakhstan origin. Rompetrol Rafinare is one of the most important contributors to Romania's state budget, paying over 316 million dollars in the first quarter of the year.

The significant shareholders of Rompetrol Rafinare SA are KMG International (54.63% - directly and indirectly) and the Romanian State, through the Ministry of Energy (44.7%).

Corporate Communication and Public Relations – KMG International