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Modernized installations and digitized processes, at Rompetrol Rafinare

Rompetrol Rafinare, a member company of KMG International, has recently successfully completed a new phase of the digital transformation program of the Petromidia Năvodari refinery, the modernization of the "In-Line Blending" units.

The total investment amounts to about 3 million dollars, and the modernization of the units mainly focused on optimizing the production of fuels by improving the integrated system of management and automation of the technological flows.

“Quality is the key word that defines the fuels made at Petromidia, and the efforts and investments made allow us a continuous improvement of them, of the operational flows and of the production units. In addition, recently implemented projects will help us to increase the volumes obtained, but also to achieve greater flexibility in adapting to market requirements. I think this is another very important step that we are taking to align, both with international standards and with the innovative tendency to reach the industrial revolution - Industry 4.0”, said Yedil Utekov, General Director of Rompetrol Rafinare.

Initiated at the beginning of last year, the modernization works of the two installations were completed in June 2019. The implementation of the new digital system ensures detailed real-time analysis of the components and the final product obtained and, implicitly, a careful monitoring of fuel quality and compliance of them with the legislation in force.

Among the activities carried out are the modernization of the digital component with one of the latest generation, the implementation of a new management and distribution control system (DCS) and the replacement of analyzers - capable of analyzing and monitoring with maximum accuracy all the technical parameters. To these are added the installation of new pumps of additives with high capacities, but also the doubling of those for components (pentane, butane and biodiesel).

Currently, the Petromidia refinery is operating two In-Line Blending units for fuels (gasoline, diesel), which were built and introduced in the technological flow in 2003, respectively in 2006.

The main role of these units is to use the specific recipes for the preparation of the finished products that arrive at the fuel stations, respecting the quality requirements imposed by the European Union, the Romanian legislation, but also the needs of the current market.

The quality of the product obtained after the blending process is monitored and controlled through on-line analyzers, which transmit the data in real time to the operators.

The Năvodari refinery last year recorded 11 new operating records, including gasoline production (1.36 million tons) and diesel production (2.75 million tons).

Currently, Rompetrol Rafinare operates Petromidia Năvodari - the largest refinery in Romania and one of the most modern and complex in the Black Sea region, Vega Ploieşti - the longest running processing unit in operation (1905) and the only domestic bitumen and hexane producer, but also the petrochemicals division - the only polymer producer.

The company is mainly owned by KMG International (54.63%; directly and indirectly) and the Romanian State through the Ministry of Energy (44.69%).

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