Motor fuels

All motor fuels produced by Rompetrol are high-performance and high-quality Euro-5 EFIX fuels, which extend the lifetime of engines, and boost their power. EFIX removes the deposits on injectors from the very first fill, enhances performance, protects the engine and reduces consumption.

Products in Motor fuels

Product name Technical data-sheet code Download
EFIX 95 Gasoline 2.1.8 Download
EFIX S 98 Gasoline 2.1.10 Download
Efix 51 Diesel 2.6.5 Download
Efix S 55 Diesel 2.6.11 Download
Euro Plus Gasoline 2.1.6 Download
98 RON Gasoline 2.1.9 Download
EURO 5 Diesel 2.6.6 Download
55 Diesel 2.6.7 Download
Automotive LPG Fuel 1.4.2 Download