QHSE Standards

Over time, Rompetrol Rafinare has become a landmark for the local refining industry. The results of the last 3 years have been constantly improved under the umbrella of a sustainable approach adopted for each of our initiatives or projects: investments in cleaner technologies; improved product quality; reduced operating costs; and reduced energy consumption. We could have never reached our current performance unless we took great care of our people and the environment in which we have been operating for so many years.

Operation of any refinery involves countless complex processes and activities. And for these to run smoothly and safely every time, employees are provided with a system of detailed work procedures and instructions.

The entire management system of the 2 refineries operated by Rompetrol Rafinare, namely Petromidia and Vega, is certified as to the Integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management System in line with the requirements of the standards SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, and SR OHSAS 18001:2008. Integrated means that all internal management practices are centralized and interconnected in a single system.

The system is certified or, as applicable, reviewed every year by international institutions against the latest applicable QHSE standards.

The underlying documentation of this integrated system meets the requirements laid down in the reference QHSE standards, the demands/recommendations of our customers, the requirements provided in the corporate policy, and those of the legislation in effect.

For a sound planning, operation and control over processes, the underlying documentation of the management system includes, without limitation to:

  • The corporate QHSE policy
  • The QHSE objectives
  • The Manual of the Integrated Management System
  • QHSE procedures and instructions
  • QHSE programmes and plans
  • QHSE records        

This policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing the QHSE objectives and the environmental targets, and is made known to all employees.

The QHSE objectives, as set for each department of the company, are measurable and aligned to the declared management policy, including the commitments taken as to prevention of work accidents and occupational illnesses and pollution prevention, in order to comply with the applicable laws.


Engagement of all parties


Setting of these objectives considered the current and future trends of the companies and of the market; the findings of the management reviews; the results of the processes performed by the organization; the legal and other requirements applicable to companies; the occupational health and safety risks; the BATs/BREFs; as well as the financial and operational choices and the points of view of the stakeholders.   

We take active part in dissemination of the quality and occupational health and safety requirements and objectives to all that interact with the operation of the refinery: contractors/visitors/representatives/college and university students undergoing internships. Similarly, we rely on all employees to get actively involved in hazard identification, risk assessment and incident investigation. Their presence, added to the decisions they make in QHSE situations, help us constantly improve our QHSE policies and objectives.  


Emergency system


Both Petromidia and Vega are industrial facilities of strategic importance for the local industry. Given their role and business impact, we have established and organized an unit to respond to any emergency.

The emergency drills we conduct on a weekly basis help us prepare our people and contractors to react firmly, immediately and correctly every time.

We work efficiently with the authorities, and articulate together an efficient response to any possible emergency which can occur in the premises of both Petromidia Refinery, and Vega Refinery.