Clear water

Water is embedded in the DNA of Petromidia Refinery, as more than 37 hectares of the total surface of the platform are recovered from the sea.  For close to 40 years, the refinery has been operating in the proximity of the ecosystem formed of the Black Sea, Siutghiol Lake and the Danube Delta biosphere.
This area is a national and regional treasure. With its wealth of wild animals and plants and its picturesque landscape, it comes as no surprise that our key priority is to preserve this habitat and this incredible resource. Dobrogea accommodates more than 70 nature reserves and protected areas. The Danube Delta alone shelters more than 3,000 species of animals, of which many are rare, and one can easily describe it as a genuine biodiversity museum and an historical part of our natural heritage which we ought to preserve.


Safe water treatment

Petromidia platform is provided with an underground water monitoring system, upstream, inside and downstream the refinery. For each new product, we review and assess the impact of the business on biodiversity.

The waste water treatment station of Rompetrol Rafinare, which collects both the waste water from Petromidia platform, and the sewage water from town of Navodari, features, besides the two treatment stages (mechanical-chemical and biological), also a tertiary stage consisting of two ponds located in the Danube Delta Reserve. In this last stage, water is treated naturally before being discharged into the Black Sea 

While this area was created artificially, over time, thanks to the favorable conditions, this wide surface of approximately 50 hectares has become the habitat of many animal species. In wintertime, the high water temperature makes ponds a genuine place of refuge for birds.

We are determined to reduce the use of fresh water, and reuse water in line with the requirements of the environmental permits. Out goal to use less water starts with reduction of our own consumption.

Petromidia Refinery’s total water input increased to 5,906 thousand m 3 in 2018, from 5,883 thousand m 3 in 2017, thus following an opposite trend to the nearly 3.5% drop from 2016, while Vega Refinery’s total water input decreased, from 920.18 thousand m 3 to 902.87 thousand m 3 in 2018.

Our wastewater discharge was 7.2 million m3 for Petromidia Refinery. More precisely, of the 9,443,704 m 3 of treated wastewater at Petromidia Refinery, 7,222,786 m 3 were discharged at Vadu, while 2,220,918 m 3 were reused. The reused water (recycled) on Petromidia platform was 81% of total water withdrawn, a big increase from last year’s number – 23.5%. 

Find more details in our sustainability report.