Advisory Committees

Within the Board of Directors, two (2) advisory committees were established.

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities for the integrity of the Company’s financial statements, the financial reporting process, the system of internal business controls and risk management, the internal and external audit process, the internal and external auditor’s qualifications, independence and performance as well as the Company’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and any code applicable to the Company.

The Audit Committee’s members are:

  • Dan Alexandru IANCU - President
  • Askar ABILOV - Member
  • Nicolae Bogdan Codruţ STĂNESCU - Member

Regulation of the Audit Committee


The Strategy Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its duties related to drafting and updating the Company’s General Development Strategy.


The Strategy Committee’s members are:

  • Yedil UTEKOV - Chairman
  • Felix CRUDU-TESLOVEANU - Member
  • Bogdan-Cătălin STERIOPOL - Member

Regulation of the Strategy Committee