Pursuant to the provisions of art. 7 of the Order of the Minister of Public Finance no. 2844/2016 approving the Accounting regulations compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards applicable to companies the securities of which are admitted to trading on a regulated market, Rompetrol Rafinare S.A. is under the obligation to have both its stand-alone financial statements and its consolidated annual financial statements audited.

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 26 April 2024 approved reappointment of ERNST & YOUNG ASSURANCE SERVICES S.R.L. as financial auditor of RRC, and set the term of the financial auditing agreement at one year, i.e. the 2024 financial year.  


For financial years 2008 - 2024

ERNST & YOUNG ASSURANCE SERVICES S.R.L, member company at Camera Auditorilor Financiari of România with no. 77/15.08.2001

Contact details::

Address: București, cBucharest Tower Center Building, 21st Floor,15-17 Ion Mihalache Blvd., Sector 1
Registration no. with the Trade Register J40/5964/1999,
Sole Registration Code 11909783,
Phone +40 21 402 40 00
Fax +40 21 310 71 93


For finacial years  2002 – 2007

Deloitte Audit SRL - member company at Camera Auditorilor Financiari of România with no. 25/25.06.2001

Contact details:

Address: București, Str. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 4-8, Etaj 3, Sector 1
Registration no. with the Trade Register J40/6775/1995
Sole Registration Code: 7756924
Phone: 021 222 1661


Internal auditor

The internal audit is carried out by a separate structural division (internal audit department), which reports functionally to the Board of Directors via the Audit Committee. For administrative purposes and in the scope related to the obligations of the management to monitor and mitigate risks, it reports directly to the General Manager.